AT&T Rate Increase for CRS Call Connection Service.


 AT&T has implemented an increase to their long distance call rates in California for both interstate and intrastate calls made through the California Relay Service. The rate increase for both interstate and intrastate calls is now $.10 per minute, effective July 1, 2016. 


California Relay Service is free to the user. However, long distance call connections are a separate service from the California Relay Service. A call connection service is needed to connect customers to the person they wish to speak to. This service is provided and charged separately by telephone carriers like AT&T. These connection charges are the responsibility of the user. 


If a California Relay Service user has not opted for a long distance telephone carrier in their profile, or has not told the Relay operator which long distance carrier company they desire to use at the time of their call, then the call will be billed automatically to AT&T Long Distance by default.  


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