An Advisory Body to the California Public Utilities Commission

Monthly Meeting

1333 Broadway, Suite 500, Oakland, California

 November 16, 2011

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

(Lunch break will generally be taken from 12:30 to 1:30)




  1. Welcome and Introduction of TADDAC Members


  1. Minutes of the September 28, 2011 TADDAC Meeting

[Review and approval of Minutes from the previous meeting. Corrections already submitted via email will be summarized.]


Review and follow-up on TADDAC Action List from the previous meeting. 

(See attached Action List)


  1. Approval of Agenda



  1. Administrative Business

    1. Report from CPUC Staff

[CPUC staff representatives will report on program issues being addressed by the CPUC, future plans for the DDTP and report on meetings with DGS, or any pending matters at the FCC of interest to the Committee. The report may include legislative items from the Legal Division. The Communications Division (CD) will report on the status of recommendations forwarded from TADDAC.  The report may include an update on CD’s planning for the introduction of wireless equipment as a part of DDTP and an update on CRS vendor projects.] 


    • Report from the Chair

[The TADDAC Chair will report on informational items, including issues affecting the DDTP or the committees. The Chair may also discuss any pending matters or decisions at the FCC of interest to the Committee. The Chair may also discuss any current administrative matters impacting the Committee.]


    • Report from CCAF

[A CCAF representative will summarize DDTP operational activities during the prior month.]


  • Public Input – Held in both the AM and the PM Session

[Members of the Public will provide input to the Committee.]


  • Unfinished Business
    1. Possible Disability Representation for the At Large Seat -  Barrett

[The Committee will discuss forming a subcommittee to develop criteria and requirements for candidates who would represent possible disability communities on the At Large seat that is now available to be filled.]


  • New Business
    1. EPAC Report and Recommendations  -  Barrett/Ruth

[The Committee will review and may vote on recommendations from EPAC pertaining to:

          1. DDTP Equipment procurement issues
          2. Distribution issues
          3. Quality of service issues
          4. New committee members, based on applications and/or interviews
          5. Status of equipment trials or pilots
          6. New or replacement equipment recommendations or updates on equipment testing and reviews.]


    • Discussion of Feedback from the Veteran-Focused Panel – Barrett

[The Committee will review feedback and suggestions from panelists at the Veteran-focused meeting last month and discuss possible recommendations to be made to the Communications Division to address the feedback.]


    • Discussion of Plans for a Hard of Hearing Focused Panel in January-  Barrett

[The Committee will suggest discussion topics, meeting format, and possible participants for a January meeting and forum with Hard of Hearing consumers.]


    • Member Reports  -  Barrett

[Committee members will report on any feedback or topics from their constituencies concerning CRS or CTAP quality of service or feedback relating to the Program in general.]


    • Items for Next Month’s Agenda  -  Barrett

[The Committee will suggest items to be discussed at the next TADDAC meeting.]



TADDAC Meeting Information

For more information, please contact Patsy Emerson, DDTP Committee Coordinator at (510) 302-1147/ Voice or via e-mail at


Environmental Notice

Please refrain from wearing perfumes or scents to DDTP meetings. Persons with environmental illness or multiple chemical sensitivities must reduce their exposure in order to attend this meeting.