Procedure For Public Input

Written Public Input

The purpose of public input and participation in the advisory meetings is to gather feedback from the public on matters within the jurisdiction of the DDTP. Written public input is encouraged, and will be accepted with regard to any item or items on the agenda of a particular committee meeting until adjournment of the meeting. Please ensure your comments address Program issues. If you would like to have your written input read aloud at the next committee meeting, you must have someone present it during the scheduled public input period or submit written input by email to Please specify which committee you would like your comments addressed to and include your contact information.

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Public Input During Meetings

Anyone wishing to give public input should call in advance to confirm the scheduled time of public input. Sometimes due to rescheduling of agenda items, public input can be moved an hour before or after the scheduled time. It is a good idea to plan on arriving an hour before the scheduled time for public input. The following rules apply:

  • Persons attending meetings of the DDTP Administrative or Advisory Committeess shall conduct themselves with dignity, courtesy, and respect toward the Committee, agency staff, and other persons in attendance. Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.
  • Maximum time allowed is determined by the Chair, but generally shall not exceed 10 minutes per individual.
  • Testimony will be relevant to the topic, shall be civil, and devoid of personal attacks as determined by the Chair.
  • Any person who willfully disrupts any meeting, as determined by the Chair, will be asked to leave the meeting.