Communication Services

The DDTP conference room is equipped with a loop system for assistive listening. Headsets may be requested from the Committee Coordinator or the Receptionist.

The DDTP office coordinates sign language interpreting and real-time captioning for all committee meetings. Arrangements for re-voicers and Braille materials may be made by contacting the Committee Coordinator five days in advance. If you have any other accessibility needs, please advise the Committee Coordinator at, (510) 302-1110, or TTY: (510) 302-1150.

In order to facilitate communication, it is important that meeting attendees raise their hand and wait to be recognized by the Chair before speaking. When called upon, please state your name, then sign or speak as slowly and clearly as possible.

Side conversations in voice and sign are very distracting to everyone involved in meetings and are strongly discouraged. Please leave the room to have side conversations, or to access pagers and cellular telephones while the meeting is in session.