If you are familiar with the DDTP Program, please take a moment to let us know about your experience with it



Please answer the questions below:
1. Have you or someone you know been certified for the program yet?
2. Was your or their certifying agent (doctor, Audiologist, other) familiar with the program?
3. Please help others who could benefit from a specialized phone get information about the Program.  Please provide us with the contact information of the person who signed your Certification Form, so that we can send them additional information about the Program to help others who can benefit.  
4. Were there any parts of the certification process that were unclear or difficult for you?  
5. Do you feel the certification requirements are appropriate to the equipment for your eligibility?

If you selected "yes" above, please explain:

6. Do you have any questions about the equipment you received?
7. Where did you work with Program staff to select an appropriate telephone?  
8. Was the Program Representative knowledgeable and helpful in choosing the best equipment?
9. Do you think the range of equipment available from the program meets your needs?
10. Have you read and understood the "Customer Responsibility Letter" you received with your equipment?
11. Do you understand the Program's equipment exchange policy for upgrading or exchanging broken or malfunctioning equipment?
12. Do you know that there is a sticker on the bottom of your phone with the contact numbers for the Program?
13. Are you happy with your overall experience with the Program?
14. Based on your experience with the Program, would you recommend it to others?