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    California Telephone Access Program (CTAP) offers specialized telephone equipment and network services at no cost to qualified California residents who have difficulty using a standard telephone. To be eligible, you must be certified as having a permanent or temporary disability and you also must:

      • Live in California
      • Have access to telephone service

    Please note: You must have access to either cell phone or land line service to participate in the program. However, the majority of CTAP equipment only functions with land lines.

    Please click here to find equipment. 

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    Find Equipment :  CTAP products are geared to meet many needs, and they include telephones, amplifiers, ring-signal and speech devices, headsets, switches, and accessories.   You can find equipment listed by disability type with pictures, descriptions, and operation manuals where available.

    Please note: The Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program (DDTP) Web site only posts fully-accessible manuals. Please pardon the inconvenience while accessible equipment manuals are sought. Currently, several manuals are posted in Word or pdf format, which is accessible for most screen readers.


    Repair and Exchange Policy :  If your equipment is not working properly, get in touch with the Contact Center, or visit one of the Service Centers. If your phone is no longer working, CTAP will attempt to repair the phone. If your disability certification changes, CTAP may exchange your phone to meet your disability-related need. Please contact CTAP for assistance.