We invite you to join the Voice Options Program and take this opportunity to expand your services, consumer base, and potentially bring in a new funding source.


As part of the Department of Rehabilitation's (DOR) mission to provide services and advocacy resulting in employment, independent living, and equality for individuals with disabilities, DOR is seeking partners for its Voice Options Program (VOP).


This program offers eligible Californians who are unable to speak, or who have difficulty speaking, with a free speech-generating device. The goal of this program is to ensure full and equal telephone communications access for all Californians with disabilities. We are looking to partner with your organization to provide this free service to your consumers and there are three types of partnerships within this program:


1.  Voice Options Program Provider: these partners provide demonstrations to consumers, facilitate short term loans so consumers can choose the best application to suit their needs, and then provide long term loans which allow consumers to take home an iPad with their chosen speech generating device. 

2.  Voice Options Program Referrer: these partners work with Californians who may have speech disabilities that would benefit from the VOP. VOP Referrers do not provide demonstrations, iPads, or loans, but they do provide certification of eligibility to participate in the program along with information as to where VOP Providers are located. 

3.  Voice Options Program Inclusive Provider: these partners provide all actions of the VOP Provider in addition to providing certification of eligibility. 


How Does Voice Options Program Work?

Through this program, any eligible Californian referred to a Voice Options Program Provider will have the opportunity to test five different speech generating applications for up to 14 days. The five applications provided are:

  • GoTalk NOW Plus
  •  LAMP Words for Life
  •  Predictable
  •  Proloquo4Text
  • TouchChat HD with WordPower


Once the trial period has ended, the user will exchange the borrowed iPad for a new one with their preferred speech-generating application already loaded and ready to go. This process is known as a Long-Term Loan.

Please note: For every Long-Term Loan a VOP Provider completes, the provider will be reimbursed by DOR up to $2,500.00: $1,000.00 is allocated for personnel costs and $1,500.00 is allocated for the actual cost of the equipment purchased. There is no limit as to how many Long-Term Loans a VOP Provider can complete.


Why You Should Become a Provider.

All of us involved in the Voice Options Program share in the goal to expand this service into a statewide program to provide a voice to those who may not have their own. Join in our movement to remove communication barriers and provide equity, to change the lives within your community and network by expanding upon existing services available, and to and ensure a better tomorrow for the disability community. 

For more information regarding the Voice Options Program, or if you would like to be a Provider or Referrer, please visit: 

DOR's Voice Options Program Website: https://dor.ca.gov/Home/VoiceOptions  

Or you can email us at: DORVoice.OptionsTeam@dor.ca.gov 


We look forward to partnering with your organization soon.


The Voice Options Team.



Voice Options Team

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