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Welcome to the Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program which includes California Telephone Access Program (CTAP) and California Relay Service (CRS). CRS provides a relay service where Communication Assistants will relay messages between a person using a TTY and a person who does not use a TTY. Under CTAP, each consumer certified in the Program can receive an amplified telephone, TTY, or other specialized telephone equipment for use at home.

Equipment is "on loan to you" until you can no longer benefit from the equipment. If the equipment becomes damaged, CTAP will replace it with identical equipment. If the same equipment is not available, the closest substitute will be provided. If you move out of California, please get in touch with the State of California CTAP Contact Center to arrange for pick up at no cost to you, or bring the equipment to a State of California CTAP Service Center below.

CTAP Contact Center  DDTP Consumer Affairs 
P.O. Box 30310
Stockton, CA 95213
For Consumer Affairs issues and inquiries specifically related
to the California Telephone Access Program, please contact:
Contact Center hours of operation are: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.   


English/ASL: 1-800-806-1191


Spanish: 1-800-949-5650 


Mandarin: 1-866-324-8747 


Cantonese: 1-866-324-8754  


Hmong: 1-866-880-3394


Vietnamese: 1-855-247-0106

Russian: 1-855-546-7500

TTY: 1-800-806-4474

Spanish TTY: 1-844-867-1135

Fax: 1-800-889-3974



Voice: 1-877-546-7414 


TTY: 1-800-867-4323


Fax: 1-510-268-4758

 To request a free presentation or event: 1-800-995-6831

To comment directly to the DDTP Administrator (California Communications Access Foundation), please send an email to