Before Attending a Meeting 

Make your voice heard and meet Advisory Committee members by attending meetings and events. Committee members want your participation.

Meetings of the Telecommunications Access for the Deaf and Disabled Administrative Committee (TADDAC) and the Equipment Program Advisory Committee (EPAC) are held once a month. However, these regular meeting dates are subject to change. Please check the Calendar before attending.

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Communication Services  

Committee meetings are made accessible by providing sign language interpreters, real-time captioning, and an inductive loop system.

Agenda and Minutes  

Click the appropriate links on the Calendar to find current and previous meeting agendas and finalized minutes.

Written Public Input

Review the procedure for submitting written input to be read aloud at public meetings.

Public Input During Meetings  

Call in advance to confirm the scheduled time for public input.

Transcription Video and Audio Taping

No transcription, video, or audio taping of meetings will be allowed without prior approval.

Refrain From Wearing Scents  

Refrain from wearing scents whenever you visit the DDTP office for a committee meeting or a visit.

Useful Documents  

Find a Glossary of DDTP terms.

 Communication Services

Advisory Committee meetings are held (unless otherwise noted) in the large conference room of the Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program (DDTP) at 1 Kaiser Plaza, Suite 1320 Oakland, CA 94612.


The conference room is equipped with an inductive loop system. Assistive listening devices are available from the Committee Coordinator. Sign Language interpreters and real-time captioning is provided at all meetings. Requests for special communications accommodations can be made by contacting the Committee Coordinator at least five days prior to a meeting.


Agendas and Minutes

Current and previous meeting agendas and finalized minutes are available on the Calendar. Click the calendar tab at the top of any page to select the month and the committee for the meeting you wish to attend.

For meeting agendas and minutes in alternate formats, please email the Committee Coordinator or you may call:

Voice: 1-510-302-1100


FAX: 1-510-268-4758

Written Public Input


If you wish your written input to be read, please arrange for someone to present your comments during the scheduled public input period or submit written input by email. Please specify to which committee you would like your comments addressed, and include your contact information.

Public Input during Meetings

Call in advance to confirm the scheduled time of public input. Rescheduling of agenda items can cause public input to be moved an hour before or after the scheduled time.

Plan on arriving an hour before the scheduled time for public input. Please respect the following rules:

  1. Persons attending meetings of the DDTP Committees shall conduct themselves with dignity, courtesy, and respect toward Committee members, agency staff, and other persons in attendance. Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.
  2. Maximum time allowed is determined by the Chair, but generally shall not exceed ten minutes per individual.
  3. Testimony shall be relevant to the topic, civil, and devoid of personal attacks as determined by the Chair.
  4. Any person who willfully disrupts any meeting as determined by the Chair, will be asked to leave the meeting.

Before speaking at meetings, Committee members ask that you raise your hand and wait to be recognized by the Chair. When called upon, please state your name and then sign or speak as slowly and clearly as possible.

During a meeting, please leave the room to have side conversations or to use pagers and cellular telephones.


Transcription, Video, and Audio Taping


No transcription, video or audio taping of meetings will be allowed without prior written approval of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the DDTP.  

Refrain From Wearing Scents


The DDTP office strives to be accessible at all times to those with Environmental Illness (EI). Please refrain from wearing scents whenever you visit the DDTP office. If someone from your company or organization plans to attend a committee meeting or visit the DDTP office, please ask them to avoid wearing scents.

Useful Documents


Glossary: This glossary of DDTP terms was created and developed to provide consumers with an understanding of commonly used words and acronyms.