Telecommunications Access for the Deaf and Disabled Administrative Committee (TADDAC)


TADDAC advises the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) on equipment distribution, relay services, and policies. TADDAC also makes recommendations to the CPUC on the Program’s annual budget and expenditures.

The Committee recommends strategic planning and works to develop more effective services for Californians with difficulty using a standard telephone.

TADDAC meetings are normally on the fourth Friday of each month. However, regular meeting dates are subject to change. Please click the Calendar tab at the top of any page to select the month and the committee for the meeting you wish to attend.

Be sure to read Before Attending a Meeting, which explains how meetings are conducted.

You also may download the Committee Charter.

TADDAC operates under the direction of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). At its discretion, the Committee may expand the number of voting members up to eleven to include other disability groups.


TADDAC Committee: Current Voting Members
(Up to eleven voting members are authorized with a quorum of six)

Community Members

Number of Representatives

Hard of Hearing



One required member from each of these communities: Mobility Impaired, Speech-to-Speech, Blind or Low-vision



Deaf Community


At Large Representative


CPUC Public Advocates Office







Voting Members

Frances Reyes Acosta 
Frances Reyes Acosta,
At Large Seat - DDTP Spanish Services Community Representative
(Second Term: 8/15 to 8/19)

Devva Kasnitz

Devva Kasnitz,
Disability Seat - Mobility Impaired Community Representative
(Second Term: 11/16 to 11/20)

 Richard Ray

Richard L. Ray,
Deaf Community Representative
(First Term: 10/20 to 10/24)



 Robert Sidansky
 Robert Sidansky,
Deaf Community Representative
(First Term: 10/19 to 10/23)

Katie Write
Katie Wright (Chair),
Late-Deafened Community Representative
(Second Term: 11/20 to 11/24)

louis Herrea
 Louis Herrera ,
Disability Seat - Blind/Low-Vision Community Representative
(Second Term: 5/18 to 1/22

 Kevin Siemans
Kevin Siemens,
Disability Seat - Speech-to-Speech Community Representative
(Second Term: 2/21 to 2/25)

  Patrick Hoglund

 Patrick Hoglund,
CPUC Public Advocates Office

(First Term: 4/18 to 4/22

Sgt. Major Jesse Acosta
Jesse Acosta,

At Large Seat - Veteran Community Representative
(Second Term: 11/21 to 11/25)

At Large Seat - Youth Community Representative
(First Term: 2/18 to 2/22)

Hard of Hearing Community Representative
(First Term: 9/21 to 9/25) 


TADDAC Committee: Non-Voting Liaisons


Number of Representatives

California Public Utilities Commission

One required member from each of these areas: Communications Division, Information and Management Services Division, and Legal Division

DDTP Administrative Contractor Liaison



Non-voting Liaisons:

  • Barry Saudan, CCAF, Chief Executive Officer
  • Brent Jolley, CPUC, Communications Division
  • Helen Mickiewicz, CPUC, Legal Division
  • TBD, CPUC, Information and Management Services Division

Contact the Committee Coordinator, committee members, or submit public input by email. 

You also may contact the Committee Coordinator by phone:

By Phone:

Voice: 1-510-302-1147

Go to Meeting Dates, Agendas, and Minutes, for more general committee meeting information.

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