How to Customize Your Calls

When you dial 711, your call is automatically routed to the California Relay Service (CRS) provider and answered in English as a voice call. When appropriate, the call will be switched to the appropriate modality and language. But you can do more.

Establishing a Customer Profile gives you more control over how your calls are handled.

Please note: As of December 2, 2015, “711 Choice” is no longer available. Hamilton Relay has converted all 711 Choice information into Customer Profiles. This ensures that your call is answered in the language and modality (e.g. TTY, VCO, HCO) of your choice.

Set up a Customer Profile

When you set up a Customer Profile, all calls to CRS from your registered telephone number will be handled automatically according to your preference(s).

Your options include:

Customer Profile Options




Relay your calls in English or Spanish

Mode of Communication

Automatically connect to your mode of communication: TTY, VCO, 2LVCO, HCO, STS, VASTS, ASCII, or Voice.

Call Blocking

You can choose to not allow pay-per-use calls and/or up to five (5) specific numbers to be dialed from your phone number.

Caller ID Blocking

You can prevent your phone number from being displayed on the phone of the person you call.

Delayed Response

If you need more time to read the TTY output, request extended response time so your call will not be disconnected while you are still reading.


Choose a male or female CA to relay your call.

Long Distance Carrier

You can pre-select the carrier you want to use for international and toll calls.


You can create a standard message you want left when you reach a telephone answering machine, e.g., this might include identifying yourself by name, requesting the person call you back, and providing the phone number of the California Relay Service, and your number.

Speed Dial

You can set up a list of most frequently called names and numbers. Later, you just state the name you want to call and the CA will dial that phone number.

Text Buffer

If you have difficulties following the typing speed of a CA, you can request to have the output on your TTY slowed down to between 10 and 45 words per minute.


Specify other preferences in how your conversations are conveyed. For example, requesting that the CA not describe background noises.


To set up a Customer Profile, call 711 or the Customer Service number for the California Relay Service provider.